About Me


Hi, here's a little about me...

Born in St. Louis, Ellen began painting watercolors at age 10. She credits her grandmother for igniting the spark of creativity within her. "As a child I was very influenced by my grandma who was an oil painter. I'd sit and watch her paint for hours. It was so inspiring. As a teenager I was painting names on peoples boats, or I'd go to restaurants and ask if I could make handmade posters for them."

I have studied with many of the great watercolorist including Tom Fong, Charles Reid, Joseph Stoddard, Robert E Wood and Milford Zornes. Additionally, graduated from Platt College of Graphic Design, creating a 40 ft. mural at the Los Angeles County Fair, had work displayed at the Brand library in Glendale, as well as creating colorful illustrations for the book The Magic Stick. Possessing the true soul of an artist, I find inspiration everywhere.

"I am stimulated by the beauty in nature, I'm always in awe by the aesthetics of the planet and I'm trying to capture that for just a moment I love color and often put a little bit of red in my paintings. I believe it is the lifeblood of the painting. My paintings come from within. I prefer to paint with my feelings and see what happens"